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Guided walking tours

Exploring a place of interest with someone who knows its history, secrets and most unexpected details is a wonderful way to discover the city. The experience becomes even more unforgettable because every step of the way and round every corner lies an interesting anecdote and something new to be learnt.

Barcelona is full of interesting walking tours, and it’s up to you to decide if you’re interested in history, the literary side of the city, the maritime quarter, the most iconic shops… or even its ghosts! There are so many sides to Barcelona, so keep your eyes peeled for the smallest details … and learn through the people that know the city and carry it in their hearts!

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  • Ghosts of Barcelona

    Mysterious and spine-chilling stories, centuries-old legends, apparitions, hauntings … Get ready to experience the most ghostly side of Barcelona on this night-time tour of the hidden city led by an expert guide. Are you bold enough?

    Languages: English/Catalan/Spanish

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  • The Cathedral of the Sea

    The best seller, The Cathedral of the Sea, made one of Barcelona’s most iconic landmarks, the beautiful basilica of Santa Maria del Mar, even more famous. This tour visits the places where the central character of the novel, Arnau, lives and spends his time, and reveals them to you almost 700 years later through the same thrilling gaze.

    Languages: Spanish

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  • The Shadow of the Wind

    One of the novels that has captivated millions of readers takes centre stage on this tour that visits the locations featured in the book. Now you have the opportunity to become one of its characters and visit the essence of Barcelona in the early 20th century.

    Languages: English/Spanish

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