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  • Salón del Manga de Barcelona Manga Fair

    Salón del Manga de Barcelona Manga Fair

    Date not yet confirmed.

    The time has come to get the cosplay costumes out of the wardrobe once again for this new edition of the manga fair in Barcelona. The fact that there has been an event dedicated to this Japanese art form for almost a quarter of a century demonstrates the commitment of fans of all ages, in and around the city, to the popular Japanese comic and its pop culture in general.

    For a whole week there will be appearances by scriptwriters and cartoonists from all over the world, new publications, film marathons and workshops that explore different aspects of manga and anime or offer the opportunity to dress up as our favorite characters. In addition, of course, to a large number of CD, DVD, comics, books, illustrations and merchandising stands.

  • Loop Fair Festival

    Loop Fair Festival

    Date not yet confirmed

    Created in 2003, Loop is a platform that focuses on the possibilities and challenges presented by video art, one of the key artistic movements of modern times. Each year, Loop hosts professionals and the public for a gathering where they can explore the latest technological and other developments in the moving image sector and see the work of new and established creatives who use video as their main tool.

    Loop Festival runs for around 10 days and includes screenings, exhibitions, concerts, talks and other live events at numerous venues around the city.

  • Human Bodies

    Human Bodies

    "Human Bodies" is an exhibition which will take you on a fascinating journey through the inside of the human body, where 12 complete bodies and over 150 individual organs will show us how our bodies perform as it has never been presented before.

    "Human Bodies" aims not only to show us what our organism is like and how it works, but also to make us reflect on the experience of life by discovering what is hidden under the skin.

  • International Musem Day The Night of Museums

    International Musem Day The Night of Museums

    May sees two excellent events for those who love visiting museums. On May 18, International Museum Day is celebrated, a European initiative that sees numerous institutions open their doors for free and put on a special programme of activities. The aim is to raise awareness in visitors about the key role museums and other cultural centres can play in the development of society.

    At the same time, Barcelona holds its Night of Museums, when participating venues stay open until night, offering a different way to experience the permanent and temporary exhibitions currently on show, as well as the chance to enjoy different activities, such as family workshops, live performances and guided tours. This is also a global event, one that started in Berlin in 1997 and is now celebrated in around 120 European cities each year. Signed up to the two events in Barcelona are a wide variety of centres whose specialisations include art, archeology, history, author, ethnology, paleontology, ceramics, zoology, movies, design and much more.

  • Modernisme toward the design culture

    Modernisme toward the design culture

    The starting point for this exhibition at Barcelona's Museu del Disseny is the role of art nouveau as the originator of design. A reinterpretation of the art déco movement that developed in Europe, and its Catalan offshoot, modernisme, based on the importance of the decorative, applied and industrial arts and crafts in design. The exhibition features lights, gold and silverware, decorative elements and unseen pieces by Gaudí to show the great splendour of the arts in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

  • Christmas at the museums and sites of architectural interest

    Christmas at the museums and sites of architectural interest

    During the Christmas holidays, the museums of the city are offering a very interesting alternative to get out of the house but without going out in the cold. It consists of various activities, workshops and proposals scheduled for these holidays, and which complement the interesting exhibitions currently being held. Many options, that will make your Christmas a cultural and artistic adventure.

  • 100 Years of the Pau Casals Orchestra Musical excellence and social commitment

    100 Years of the Pau Casals Orchestra Musical excellence and social commitment

    Within the framework of the commemorative events for the Centenary of the Pau Casals Orchestra 1920-2020, the Music Museum of Barcelona , together with the Pau Casals Foundation and the Pau Casals Museum at El Vendrell, presents a collection of the composer's personal objects, programs, posters and other original documents.The exhibition, which will be on display at the Barcelona and El Vendrell venues, aims to make the story of this hundred-year-old orchestra known and to vindicate the figure of Pau Casals as one of the best orchestra conductors of the 20th century.

  • The masks never lie

    The masks never lie

    Servando Rocha wrote the essay "Some Dark and Dangerous Things. The book of masks and the masked" and now he is the curator of the exhibition at the CCCB on the subject. Called "Masks Never Lie", this exhibition offers a vision of the last 150 years through the masks that have appeared in the political landscape, in the circles of power, in activism and in social struggles. From the hoods of the Ku Klux Klan to the masks of the Pussy Riot, the exhibition analyses how masks not only hide an identity, but they also create current phenomena.

  • The colors of fire HamadaArtigas

    The colors of fire HamadaArtigas

    Both Josep Llorens Artigas (1892-1980) and Hamada Shōji (1894-1978) were two great 20th century ceramists. Through the nexus of their mutual admiration, the exhibition organized by the Catalonia National Art Museum entitled "The Colors of Fire. Hamada-Artigas" offers a new approach to the artistic relations between Catalonia and Japan. Focusing on ceramic pieces but also complemented with other artistic works, this exhibition allows us to explore the links that were established between some Catalan artists and the Mingei movement, which recovered ceramics and Japanese popular art.

  • Paolo Gasparini

    Paolo Gasparini

    Paolo Gasparini (Gorizia, Italy, 1934) is one of the most prominent photographers on the Latin American scene. Strongly influenced by neorealism, he moved to Caracas in 1955, where he began his career in photography. Gasparini stands out because his photographs of the great metropolises of the Americas (Sao Paolo, Mexico City, Los Angeles, and Caracas) have the ability to establish a strangely human link between the cities and the behavior of the individuals who live there. From September 29, we will have the chance to see this for ourselves in the retrospective offered by Fundación MAPFRE.

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